Kashitsyn Denis, doctor of law, advocate

Your attorney at law in Prague 24/7

Our law firm was officially registered in the register of the Czech Bar Chamber and Moscow Chamber of Advocates and has the right to engage in advocacy. Based on the requirements of the law is mandatory for the person providing legal services, liability insurance contract to the client.

We are not intermediaries between lawyer and client. Our duty to the client are governed by lawyers' code of ethics and the law on the Bar.

Our members have successfully passed the examination for the recognition of professional practice in public high schools, and the Czech Republic and Slovakia exam assignment of the advocate in the Czech Republic, Russia and Ukraine, which proves our high knowledge in the field of jurisprudence.

Our prices are regulated by the lawyer's tariff, working with us, you always have the right to require us to provide reports on actions being performed.

The maximum transparency of action, an individual approach to every client, no "boilerplate solutions" allow you to render services to the professional level, so we cooperate with companies all round the world.