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Why it’s better to reffer to an advocate in the Czech Republic?

Only persons officially registered in the register of the Czech Bar Association can provide legal services in the Czech Republic, with the exception of notaries, patent attorneys, judicial executors within the scope of their powers, as well as persons in an employment relationship who can provide services only to their employer.

Based on legal requirements, there is a mandatory liability insurance agreement for the person providing legal services to the client.

A lawyer is not an intermediary between lawyers and clients. Duties towards the client are regulated by the legal code of ethics and the law on the legal profession of the Czech Republic.

A lawyer can be a person who has successfully passed the bar exam, received a higher legal education in the Czech Republic, or whose education has been recognized in accordance with the procedure established by law.

Prices for advocate services in the Czech Republic are regulated by the advocate tariff established by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic. When working with an advocate in the Czech Republic, you have the right to always require to provide reporting on the actions performed, which means maximum transparency in the financial relations between the client and the advocate.

Maximum transparency of actions, an individual approach to the client, and the absence of “standard” solutions to problems allows to provide legal services at a highly professional level.

“I promise that I will comply with the law and the ethical standards of the legal profession and protect human rights. I promise to keep attorney-client privilege and to be worthy of the title of lawyer” - Lawyer’s oath in the Czech Republic.